Apple supplier is invaded by hackers asking for $174 million in Bitcoin


Ransomware that broke into Foxconn’s office asks for rescue in cryptomoedas to restore the company’s website.

Apple supplier is raided by hackers asking for $174 million in BitcoinNOTÍCIAS

The company Foxconn recently suffered a hacker attack that demanded a ‘ransom’ payment in cryptomorus. With the invasion, Apple’s supplier was required to pay criminals almost $174 million to get access to the site back.

In addition to the website, documents and files were accessed by hackers, who requested 1,804 Bitcoins for Foxconn. According to Bleepingcomputer, the invasion is related to DoppelPaymer ransomware, which has already claimed other victims.

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Known for supplying devices to Apple and other technology companies, the attack against Foxconn took place precisely at the office located in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

Rescue in Bitcoin
The Foxconn system was invaded by hackers on 29 November 2020. Since then, the company appears not to have regained access to the Mexican office site, which is still offline.

Although Foxconn did not comment publicly on the hacker attack, the break-in occurred only in the office located in Ciudad Juárez, which serves the company’s business in South and North America.

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In total, hackers are asking for 1,084 units of Bitcoin (BTC), or almost R$ 174 million considering the price of cryptomeda on Tuesday (8). The payment of the ransom in Bitcoin should be made within 21 days after the hacker attack.

DoppelPaymer Ransomware

DoppelPaymer ransomware is responsible for the invasion against the Foxconn system which resulted in a ransom demand in Bitcoin of around R$ 174 million.

The ransom in cryptomaps was requested from Foxconn by hackers as a means of preventing the disclosure of data, in addition to re-establishing the system and the company’s electronic components website.

Therefore, on Monday (8) part of the data that was stolen from the company was disclosed on the DoppelPaymer ransomware website. The malicious software has a website where it discloses stolen documents from companies that are blackmailed with ransom requests in cryptomoedas.

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With the attack against Foxconn’s office, about 1,200 servers belonging to the company were encrypted. In total, more than 100 GB of files were stolen from the ‘Apple supplier’.

In addition to Foxconn, Visser Precision faced a similar attack in early 2020. Known for providing services to the giants SpaceX and Tesla, the company was invaded by the same ransomware, which requires rescue in Bitcoin.